The best phone systems for small businesses: which are they?

best phone systems for small businessesOne of the most important and complicated problems today is how to choose the best phone systems for small businesses. Phone systems become the main condition for effective work of a company. It is hard to imagine an organization or a modern office without a functional, flexible and fast internal communication. Such systems provide the telephone service to all departments and every employee. They are a local telephone exchange, which ensures internal communications as an independent communication channel. Every small business telephone system, or PBX, uses a circuit base (center), which brings together single telephones, the collective voice mail, fax, computer and modem. The telephone cables are used for combining the components. Each device gets an individual phone extension number. PBX has an output to the local telephone line. Employees can call any external number. – a place to choose the best phone systems for small businesses

If you are reading this text now, you definitely want to learn how to choose the best phone system for your small business. Whether it is an office, or restaurant, or a medical company, here you will find lots of articles to help you to make the right choice. Our writers know everything about modern PBX phone systems, their kinds, options and main features. We understand all the criteria of searching and will give you proper advices and directions to buy an individual telephone system.

To write professional articles we research and review hundreds of telephone systems to advice you the best ones for different types of businesses. Our way of making reviews starts from listing the vendors with good reputation and asking some owners of small businesses to give us their opinions about using such PBX. On our site we usually recommend a few popular and convenient phone systems in the USA and the UK like 8×8, Ooma Office, AT&T, RingCentral, Nextiva, Cisco, Avaya and others. The analysis is being made by several factors including:

  • Level of service;
  • Customer service;
  • Cost;
  • Ease of use;
  • Reliability;
  • Mobile access;
  • Calling features, etc.

Also we research each provider and investigate its services, look through the tutorials and read users’ comments. We pay strong attention to the pricing available on websites of these companies. We are compiling a list of the top 10 service and then contact them as buyers and small business owners. This is necessary to research the work of support service of each PBX service, because the quality of service maintenance is extremely important.

The types of small business phone systems and their features

If you are choosing the best small business phone system, it is necessary to determine how many phones will be used by your company. Each type of PBX supports a certain number of devices. Next you need to find out the type of lines. The lines can be 2-wire analog, IP or digital lines ISDN E1. The digital systems have the ability to connect devices that transmit voice in a digital format. In this regard, let us consider the types of business phone systems:

  • Analog Line – has little capacity to 6-24 extensions, external lines 2-8. This PBX is made for houses, shops and small offices;
  • Digital line – has a medium or a large capacity of up to 500 extensions;
  • Digital IP – has a medium or a large capacity of the new sample with the presence of numerous new services including IP-telephony;
  • Wireless PBX – the initial capacity of 2 external lines, uses a handset.
  • When connecting the PBX, it is recommended to choose a wireless power supply (UPS). These sources allow the PBX to work for a while autonomously during a power failure.

How to choose the right telephone system yourself?

  1. First, you must determine which communication and office equipment will be working in conjunction with the PBX. Choosing the mixed, digital or analog types depend on equipment and internal type of station. PBX type determines the method of dialing: tone or pulse. Set in the tone mode allows you to save time.
  2. Determine the number of lines which is need to connect the base unit stations. This is the number of external and internal customers. We must not forget about the development of the company’s prospects. Therefore, it is necessary to acquire modular expandable PBX. To increase the number of clients for the majority of stations you can install additional modules.
  3. You must select the features that will have to maintain a PBX:
  • Operation;
  • Content, reassign, transfer, call waiting;
  • Distribution of incoming calls;
  • Compulsory connection;
  • Receiving calls by any clients;
  • “Do not disturb” mode;
  • The restriction of calls;
  • Conferencing, paging;
  • Redial the last number of the subscriber;
  • Switching in case of power failure;
  • Callback and transfer the fax in the automatic mode;
  • Routing of external phone lines.
  1. The station must be adapted to work with the lines of your country. Therefore, purchase only the PBX which includes a certificate of conformity of the Ministry of Communications.
  2. The bargain purchase are stations with warranty and post-warranty service.

PBX functions are not interchangeable. Videoconferencing and wireless internal communication, the implementation of high-speed data access to email, office equipment management and more allow the use of modern phone systems. The devices are manufactured by different companies. They differ in the number of ports, range of service functions, switching principle, the possibility of expanding the number of lines, and other parameters. You must remember that all connecting telephone cables must be placed into the proper cable channels. PBX must only be installed by specialists. Only the correct approach to the choosing the best phone system for small business will improve the quality of the internal network and make using it with maximum possible efficiency. And the aim of website is to give you all the necessary help for this process. Just click on any category, read articles and make your choice!