Best Internet Based Phone Systems for Small Business

Best Internet Based Phone Systems for Small Business Today, the more and more often arising question is how to choose the best Internet based phone system for small business. Virtual phone system is the most convenient solution for any company and business owners understand it very well. It is enough to examine the offers available on the market, compare them and connect to the tariff that will best suit your activity. Using the internet telephone system is very simple. Let us see what are the available solutions can be called the best for small businesses. Read more…

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Top 4 Best Small Business VoIP Service Solutions

Best small business phone systems
The number of voice over Internet protocol providers offering the best small business VoIP service solutions is growing increasingly as companies and corporations discover the cost advantages and common landlines of the system. The VoIP technologies are simple. The difference of small business telephone systems providers lies in the individual strengths of each phone company. When deciding which one to take, you should to get the history of the company and its reputation, the availability of technical support, sound quality, features like voice mail and conferencing and pricing the most for your money. – the Fourth Place

Business people, especially those who are traveling, can not afford to miss a call and need small business VoIP service solutions which are reliable, convenient and affordable. performs a role of a free softphone service, which is available for you on your laptop, so you never miss a call, even if you are traveling somewhere. will annually save your money offering $16.58 per month for unlimited long distance calling within the US and Canada, as well as low international prices for Europe, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East, so that your business stays connected worldwide.

8×8 Packet8 – the Third Place

In terms of service and reliability, 8×8 Packet8 Virtual Office is recommended by by their own video-phone functions, and we do not see anyone the same in the world. Virtual Office has the properties of Auto-Attendant, a minimum of three extensions, each with a direct number, plus unlimited extensions, unlimited local and long distance calls to the US and Canada for $39.99 per month and expansion. Is not it the best phone system for small businesses?

Vonage – the Second Place

Vonage has a good reputation of business VoIP in the residential sector because of the its developed aggressive marketing strategies that are its increased economy with competitive prices for small business needs. In addition to the standard functions of call waiting, caller ID, call forwarding, and voice mail Vonage is good in that it can keep your local number when you are traveling by connecting to Vonage from anywhere.

Nextiva – the First Place

In terms of a good reputation as a small business VoIP service solution Nextiva stands out. Nextiva has been awarded by various journals, including Business Pundit, “Best Business Class VoIP provider, best customers service and Product of the Year 2009. Companies can enjoy Nextiva’s VoIP faxing features receive the most needed functions at an affordable price less than $5 per month.
This year Nextiva continues beeing an excellent phone system for small businesses. This solution is often used by enterprises of various sizes and tyes. Almost 100,000 customers already use Nextiva for many years. This choice is due to the fact that the customer can choose one of many convenient office phone plans and then upgrade its capabilities.
Nextiva is suitable for those businesses that want to use a lot of extensions. Like other suppliers PBX Nextiva requires payment for extensions or workplaces. But the company has flexible rates allowing to purchase a certain number of extensions for a low price. The service provides the unlimited time calls with and unlimited fax sending. Optionally there is no need to change an existing phone number, in spite of the fact the Nextiva allows you to set a single local toll free number.
The company has a great support team working around the clock and always giving detailed answers to customers’ questions. However, such functions as conference calling, mobile application and queue calls are only available for those customers who buy the maximum tariff plans. Thus, Nextiva is a cost-effective small business telephone system with convenient rates. However, it is need to invest money to get the best features and service plans providing the most convenient functioning of your business.

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