Best Internet Based Phone Systems for Small Business

Best Internet Based Phone Systems for Small Business Today, the more and more often arising question is how to choose the best Internet based phone system for small business. Virtual phone system is the most convenient solution for any company and business owners understand it very well. It is enough to examine the offers available on the market, compare them and connect to the tariff that will best suit your activity. Using the internet telephone system is very simple. Let us see what are the available solutions can be called the best for small businesses.

8×8 Virtual Office as Internet Based Phone System

8×8 Virtual Office is one of the most popular small business VoIP phone systems, which is known all over the world, asking for just an Internet connection. Many experts call this the best virtual system in order to produce an excellent impression on customers and business partners. High-Speed 8×8 system will adjust to stay connected anywhere, where there is high-speed Internet. Because of this you will not need to buy large-sized PBX phone systems equipment.

8×8 Virtual Office provides an easy-to-use online portal to manage all the functions. Clients get an opportunity to unite their employees, wherever they are. This is especially useful for those companies that have offices in different cities and countries. In this case you will receive a single monthly bill for all services.

Internet system for small business allows you to connect a variety of useful functions that are necessary for communication with customers. These include the availability of music to hold the line as well as a convenient conference calls. If you connect a softphone feature, you can connect the phone office to your iPhone, IPad or Android device, and a small business office can be equipped with professional desktop IP phones, headsets and conference phones. Surprisingly, not every PBX allows so easily configure the phone system for your business.

Cisco VoIP Phone System for Small Business

Cisco internet based phone systems are suitable for business of any size. Whether 10, 50, or 200 employees, Cisco offers the right solution for every requirement. A Cisco VOIP phone system can easily be expanded flexibly, since the existing IT infrastructure is used. A Cisco telephone system extends the functionality of your system or Primary Rate Interface. You will turn your simple telephone connection, a voice-over-IP solution. For example, you can make calls via your PC with a wireless headset, make home office integration to inter-site telephony with the same phone number, and all this of course in excellent speech quality.

Clients may enable a Cisco VoIP telephone system to their home office staff to answer calls, enter the site of their company. Employees can easily be connected to the telephone system via laptop and VPN. You can also tie your mobile devices of your company, so you will be able to call with your company phone number on your phone.

A Cisco VoIP PBX offers solutions and ways to save a lot of time of small business owners and employees and to facilitate daily business. Thanks to its networking capability, the network infrastructure of the company in the form of network ports, cables, etc. is simply used. There is no need in additional cabling because the Cisco VoIP phones are easily operated via a network connection.

On a Cisco VoIP system, you can create a mailbox for every employee. The employee can also query these outside the company or can send the voice messages to your mailbox. Cisco offers different phone models, which allows an individual adjustment to the company itself. You can, for example, monitor dozens of employees phones with a single phone.

Thus 8×8 and Cisco are the best Internet phone systems for small business today. It is confirmed by a lot of testimonials from satisfied customers, who are able to stay in touch with employees and customers around the world. All you need to do is become one of those happy people!